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Puzzle 858. Updating the Puzzle 203.

Date New Who
Dec-02-16 Puzzle 857 Jan van Delden, Emmanuel Vantieghem and Michael Hürter
Nov-25-16 Puzzle 856

Conjecture 78

Jan van Delden, Emmanuel Vantieghem amd Michar Hürter.

John W. Nicholson

Nov-18-16 Puzzle 854


Puzzle 855


Puzzle 766

Seiji Tomita, Jan van Delden, Shyam Sunder Gupta and Michael Hürter and Emmanuel Vantieghem

Emmanuel Vantieghem, Jan van Delden, Shyam Sunder Gupta,Seiji Tomita, Dmitry Kamenetsky and J. K. Andersen

Dmitry Kamenetsky






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