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Puzzle 898. Given a square filled of integres, get...

The last five news

Date Puzzle about Who
Oct-20-17 Puzzle 897 Emmanuel Vantieghem: He made a splendid work solving Q3. You should take a look of it.
Set-29-17 Puzzle 894

Puzzle 341

Emmanuel Vantieghem and Dmitry Kamenetsky

Edouard Debonneuil

Set -22-17 Puzzle 893

Conjecture 77

Jan van Delden

A. Kourbatov

Set-15-17 Problem 70 Dmitry Kamenetsky and Jan van Delden
Set-1-17 Puzzle 891 Carlos Rivera, Emmanuel Vantieghem, Dmitry Kamenetsky and T. D. Noe


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