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Puzzle 42.- This week puzzle is to create a puzzle analog to other one.

The puzzle of this month at the Southwest Missouri State University's
Challenge Problem Page
,  is this:

 “In a cryptarithm, numbers are represented by replacing their digits by letters; a given letter consistently represents the same digit and different letters represent different digits. Leading zeroes are not permitted. Solve the following cryptarithm:

SEVEN is prime, and
NINE is a perfect square.”

Surely you’ll find easy to solve this puzzle (please send the solution to Les Reid).

For our pages, Can you construct a puzzle like the above one, using statements involving only prime numbers?

I’ll publish here the 3 more elegant and/or simple puzzles (puzzles with unique solution are preferred).


Santi Spadaro sent (9/8/01) the following puzzle:

FIVE is a Fibonacci prime.
ELEVEN is a prime such that its reversal is also prime.
THREE is a prime with prime subscript

Answers are waited for this puzzle inside the puzzle 42


Anton Vrba wrote (Nov. 2006):

Wikki “Fibonacci” and find FIVE as 1597
SEVEN is solved as both 787973 and 379787 are prime
THREE’s secrets are revealed by the 2311th prime, 20477.



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