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Puzzle 882. Prime sequence type A(Z)iB

This is a puzzle that I have created after reading a work by Inder J. Taneja, "Patterns in Prime Numbers: Fixed Digits Repetitions".

For the purpose of this puzzle A(Z)iB means AZZZ...ZB where Z is repeated i times. Example: 38(12)351 means 3812121251.

We will be only interested in these A(Z)iB that are prime numbers for i=0 to k for some k target.

Inder J. Taneja got several (29) solutions for k=9.

Example: 291234(3)i73 is prime for i=0 to 9; that is to say:

29123473, 291234373, 2912343373, ... 29123433333333373 are all 10 prime numbers.

Q. Send A(Z)iB solutions that are prime numbers for i=0 to k, for k>9.


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