The Puzzlers


Murad A. AlDamen (7.december.1980, Nablus-Palestine).

My Father Abbas AlDamen, he was always supporting me in all what I want to get even If I was doing wrong, even he had not reached to complete his study because his father wanted him to work , he understands me in my mathematics more than my professors.
My unique friends sister and brother, Yasmin and Mohammad.

Yasmin is a youngest novelist in my country with 5 novels, and the youngest member in Jordan society of writers, Mohammad he is genius in computers and I hope he will find his way better than me.

I was a very normal student when before I had 16 years old, before that I had like any bad student so many problems with my Mathematics teachers, I understood the mathematics and the other sciences in another way, that I got bad marks, so years by years I didn't care about Mathematics or even another science, but when I had 18 and in a mysterious way that's bad student has been changed, he didn't know how nor my professors knew how, this started when my professors of Mathematics asked me to answer something and he was very sure that I will not be able as usually, but amazingly I solved it in 7 ways, and he opened his mouth. I got in that's year 99% in Mathematics after a 60% in pervious one, which was inexplicable. I had seen that I liked the Mathematics and specially Number theory and calculus, when I discovered my first rule "DIVISIBILITY TEST", nobody was able in the school to answer me whether it is correct or not even the Mathematics professor who told me , wait till you will finish your secondary school and ask doctors in the university, but I found the same results, all the people in the university had the same goal "getting a license", and after all I had problems with my Mathematics professors not the same problems when I had 7 years old but because I had theorems, which enforce me to give up of the university and change from mathematics to chemistry.
I didn't know using the internet, and I let the people to send emails for me , but thanks for my father who insisted that I should learn internet and I start learn programation and internet.

The first source I knew was SMARANDACHE Notion, I send an email to Mena Perez who helped me so much , but I wasn't able to participate in the Smarandache conference because I hadn't sufficient money.

So one year later I saw a website called PrimePuzzles.net and I searched about the editor of this website he calls Carlo Rivera who was the first person who helped me to publish my results in his website.

After 6 years I have finished my thesis of MsC in crystallography (university of Jordan) and I was able to publish 15 articles in Drug design, crystallography, inorganic chemistry , and theoretical chemistry, and 1 in mathematics.

Now I am in the University of Valencia-Spain, Inorganic chemistry department, and I am doing a theoretical magnetic studies on polyoxometalates,

I have written this to tell all professors in the world, stupid student could be clever but using another scale and I thing that one of the best modern mathematician is John Nash, and our electricity was an idea of an school-stupid student "EDISON".

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