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  • John Bowker

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I'm a 1952-vintage bloke, married, with a teenage son. I live in Sydney, Australia about 5 minutes walk from Bondi Beach. As an undergraduate at the University of Queensland I studied mathematics, statistics, psychology, and English; as a postgraduate at the Australian National University I studied abstract algebra, particularly finite group theory.

After 6 years tutoring mathematics, I decided to leave school and try my luck in the outside world, so I retrained as computer programmer and spent the next 20 or so years working in the computer industry. During this time I kept my research interests alive with various quixotic attempts to write a program to play the game 'go'. I'm still interested in this, and still work at it from time to time.

All my sources of paid work disappeared in the 'tech wreck', and I reverted to tutoring mathematics, which I now do privately. Every morning I thank my lucky stars for having found a way to rekindle my enthusiasm for mathematics, and in particular an enthusiasm for number theory.

My main interests are music, reading, bridge, go, golf, tennis, and cooking. I also waste far too much time playing trivia games online!

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