The Puzzlers

  • Jan van Delden
I graduaded at the University of Groningen in 1987 in Math. Number theory has always been an interest of me. I like to solve a good puzzle (in general). Although I program once in a while (reinvent the wheel mainly, to see whether I get the same results) I prefer problems concerning solvability, existence of a solution to finding huge solutions to a problem. On the other hand the methods/shortcuts employed to find these titanic primes /numbers are theoretically quite interesting.
Since I got my degree I teach Math at the Van Hall Institute in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. Van Hall Institute is the (/a) University of Professional Education for Agriculture, Food Technology and Environmental and Animal Sciences. I try to incorporate 'not to difficult' problems in my classroom to challenge the students.
Hobby's include (if allowed by my family :-)) in more or less chronological order: Origami, Fractals, Ray-Tracing and occasionally making a wooden 3-D puzzle.
Finally it's a good thing the recent primality proving algorithm in P is quite easy to follow, because ECPP is still way beyond my scope. Will try to catch up though.


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