The Puzzlers

  • Abhiram R Devesh


I was born in the year 1981 in Chennai, India. I completed by Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering and my Masters in Aerospace structures. I am happily married to Archana. Currently I am working as Project Manager in Vehicle Crash Safety with a Multi-National OEM manufacturing Luxury Cars. I am residing in Bangalore, India. 
I am a Mathematics Enthusiast, especially with number theory. I am a also an avid programmer. I write codes/scripts to get my work done more efficiently. I also use this to find new patterns in numbers, especially prime numbers. the contributions i had made is now in OEIS website.

- The following ones are related to prime numbers formed by concatenation of numbers.

- This one is related to primorials

I also read fiction/fantasy/sci-fi novels. I am also an Numismatist (Post Independent Indian coins)

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