The Puzzlers

I was born in 1992, in the Khorramabad city, capital of Lorestan province of Iran. I was educated in mathematics and physics at high school. Then I educated in the field of  statistics at the Lorestan university. After of undergraduate, I upgrade my degree in mathematical statistics at the same university. Usually, I research in probability, stochastic processes and number theory.

Some of my Farsi- Language articles:
I presented my first article about the anagram of two-digit natural numbers, at the young Khwarizmi-festival, when I was 17 years old. Afterward I presented a paper in the field of  matrix theory by title of “The arithmetic series matrix”, that it was poster in a Mathematics and Applications Conference, when I was 20 years old . Also I have a article in the field of stochastic processes by title of "an approximation for the stationary distribution in the ergodic processes", that published in 2015 at the NEDA: Student Statistical Journal dependent to Iranian Statistical Society. I hope I can to do research in the other fields of science.

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