The Puzzlers

...43 years old. Presently I am working for Indian Railway's as Chief Engineer) in South Eastern Railway, Kolkata (earlier named as Calcutta) in India. I completed my degree in Civil Engineering in 1980 and joined Indian Railway's in 1983. My favorite hobby is Number Recreations. I am working with pleasure on this hobby since 1978, when my first paper "Miracles of Last Digit" was published in Indian magazine .Since then I have done lots of computations on primes, pseudoprimes , other number recreations, some of which are not yet published. My some entries are published in David Well's " Penguin Dictionary of Curious and Interesting Numbers ... I am Co-author of a book "Civil Engineering through objective type questions" . I am very much interested in trying/developing different algorithms/code using different programming languages like Fortran, c++, Pascal , Ubasic, Mathematica , Maple etc. so as to reduce the computing time.

I am married and have two sons named TARUN and AMIT . My wife is named as SUSHIL. My other interest includes computational number theory, Strong Pseudoprimes, Prime polynomials, Narcissistic numbers, EPORNs and of course playing TABLE TENNIS.

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