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My name is Muneer Jebreel Karama, I am 41 years old, I live in Aruob Camp (Palestinian Refugee Camp/ north to the Hebron City and South to Bethlehem  city in Palestine   ),  presently I am working for UNRWA ( United Nation Relief Works and Agency )   as school supervisor of Mathematics in Hebron Education Office Area , West Bank/ Hebron City/in  Palestine.  I completed my degree (BA) in Mathematics in 1995 from Bethlehem University (Palestine) and joined UNRWA in 1995.Then I completed Master degree (MA) from Birzeit University (Palestine) in 1999.

  My favorite hobby is Number Theory, such as Smarandache numbers, Fibonacci numbers, Lucas Numbers, Happy numbers, Pythagorean Triples, Arithmetic progressions, Solutions of a Diophantine equation, also I love Mathematics Education such as Number Sense, and operation sense .

.I am very much interested in developing algorithms using programming language, Maple 8. Also I am excellent in Statistical analysis by using SPSS 10(I perform Statistical analysis to many educational researchers my friends- such as MA, and PhD thesis). I am married and have, Two daughters, Shimmeh, and Zhareh, five sons named Mhomad , Imad al deen, Ahmad, Baha al deen, and Obedeh  . My wife is named Nada.

My best wish to complete PhD as scholarship as soon as possible.

Yours : Muneer Jebreel Karama

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