The Puzzlers

  • Mahdi Meisami


I was born in 1989 in Isfahan,Iran.In the second year of high-school I wanted to work on magnetic effects on growing plants and I was fond of astronomy,but suddenly I found a new place in Isfahan called Mathhouse ,I am working four years on mathematics and especially number theory with one of the creative mathemticians in Iran, Mr Allahyari, he learned me to be creative and find relations between diffrent fields of mathematics.We especially work on Mrs Firoozbakht conjecture No. 30 in this site list for conjectures and Goldbach conjecture .

In 2007 I was accepted in University of Isfahan in the major pure mathematics.My firends and I could establish a group of number theory in University which has over tewenty members.

Now I like to work on prime numbers similarities module in other parts of mathematics like calculus, complex analysis, graph theory,... .I think that we can find new ways in number theory researches by the use of creativity methods.

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