The Puzzlers

I was born, by misshap, in Germany when Hitler came to power. I was supposed to come forth in Brno, Tzechoslovakia, but my parents on their way home from France were stopped in Germany, because of my mother´s Jewish family name (Süss). Thanks to Hitler I did not grow up to become a Communist but a German. I developped a keen interest for foreign languages already as a child. So at high-school my favorite subjects were Latin & English – and also Chemistry&Physics.  The latter subjects and a strong interest for R&D lead to my professions: I became a chemical engineer, and after my emigration 1960 to Sweden, for a decade,  an academically trained scientist in Thermochemistry and Chemical Thermodynamics (PhD). I got married with a nice Swedish woman, we have three splendid children. For two decades I did industrial R&D-work (solar energy applications and, in particular, chemical heat-pumping). All along I also studied languages: privately French, Serbo-Croatian and Turkish, academically Slavic languages (Russian etc.). In the best of my time I spoke fluently six languages. When economics in Sweden went down I retired  when I was sixty (1991). Then I spent a lot of time and money with scuba diving, sailing, golfing, gardening, but also solving chess problems and finding correlations between the structure of organic molecules and their properties etc. Now I live with my (new) wife Monica in a small fishermen´s village at the coast of the Baltic Sea. Only lately I have detected the fun of prime problems, but I´m more interested in theoretical aspects than in record hunting.

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