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  • Tony Reix

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I'm: 46. French. live near Grenoble - France. Engineer (Ecole des Mines d'Alès) in Computer Science. Software Architect.

I work for Bull S.A. company since ages (Prolog, System Management, SNMP, CMIS/CMIP, AIX, Java, Linux, ...).

15 years ago, I designed and coded a language called "SP-Object" mixing the Prolog and Smalltalk-80 languages (like a small Java ...). Was fun.
I worked 10 years around AIX on PowerPC and now I work around Linux (NPTL, NFSv4).
I'm a member of the GIMPS project.

I'm now trying to prove a conjecture that would speed up by 25% the primality test of Fermat numbers (2^2^n+1). It requires theorems about period of Pell/Pell-Lucas numbers modulo a prime number. Help from true mathematicians is welcome !

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