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  • Marek Wolf

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I was born in July 1956. I am a theoretical physicist at the Institute of Theoretical Physics, University of Wroclaw, Poland. In the late seventies I started working on strings and supersymmetry. This was my major field of interest until 1984, when I bought the famous ZX Spectrum computer (for less than 200$ !!!), which I will, like Patrick De Geest, never sell. Only then did I understand what a good physics was.

Immediately I turned from quantum field theory to fractals and chaos. I wrote a few papers on Diffusion Limited Aggregation and  other fractal phenomena. In the summer 1995 I have found regularities in the distribution of primes numbers. I wanted to check whether the number of consecutive primes separated by d follows the  power law d^{-index}, which is characteristic for  fractals and the Levy diffusion in particular. In contrast to my expectation it turned out that the number of consecutive prime pairs decreases exponentially with d. It was the beginning of intensive interest in the mystery of primes distribution.

My papers on primes are available for downloading  at my web page.

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